Who Do You Follow?

Hey everyone! So I really haven’t done any other cooking this week except for the Shrimp, Spinach and Shallot Quiche I made on Monday. We’ve been eating it leftover every night this week, but alas, the quiche’s run is now over. And I would cook tonight but I’m going out to dinner with some friends!

I did, however, make these little Halloween cuties for my girls:



I also tried out a raw, vegan dessert recipe last night that involved cashews, maple syrup, some rum and dates, but to be quite honest with you they weren’t just so amazing that I really want to share. Let me try out another one, and if and only if it knocks my socks off, and the family’s socks, I promise to share!

So I’ve been trying to come up with some new ideas for the blog, and while I was reading my Twitter feed this morning I thought, I wonder who everyone else follows on Twitter? So I thought I’d share with you some of my favorites that I follow on Twitter, and I was hoping you guys would do the same and tell me about some of your favorites that you follow on Twitter!

Here’s my list, and I will give a brief description of each one:

@EatThisNotThat – yes, just like the book. They are always posting diet and health tips about different categories of foods and the healthiest options in each category, as well as healthy menu options from different restaurants. They also post recipes sometimes. And they will retweet fitness and workout tips from Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines. PS – There are two Cook This Not That cookbooks available at bookstores, and I am obsessed with both of them! They are full of easy, 8-ish ingredient recipes and my family has loved every single thing I’ve made out of them both! Recommendation-ometer: 10 out of 10. Seriously.

@soulcycle – they post really cool playlists from their spin instructors, as well as lots of inspirational quotes and advice. Also healthy recipes and tips from time to time.

@WholeFoods – phenomenal, healthy, seasonal recipes, and lots of them! Have you ever wondered what you could do with parsnips in the fall? Well wonder no more! Y’all, they are a treasure trove of healthy recipes over at Whole Foods. I really should buy stock in this place, it’s pretty amazing!

@WellandGoodNYC – two writers who cover NYC’s most interesting wellness experiences, from gyms to yoga and spin studios to best places for a facial or a detox. I’m new to following these two but so far I like them, I like them a lot actually. I know I don’t live in NYC, but everything trickles down to us here in Arky, so I like being in the loop on up and coming things, especially things that relate to health and wellness.

@ KimsBeautyDetox – Kim is the author of The Beauty Detox Solution, and a nutritionist to many celebrities. Some of what Kim advocates in her book might be considered pretty far out to some people, but from a digestive point of view it all really made sense to me. She tweets tips on what foods are good for certain body functions, for instance: foods to improve your mood, the antioxidant benefits of acai berries, and different things like that. If you are pretty open minded in the way of diet and wellness, I think you’d enjoy following Kim! PS – she’s great about answering any questions you may have over Twitter!

Ok, so those are a few of my favorites that I follow on Twitter. These are all just diet and wellness related, and I follow many other people for other things I’m interested in, but I thought these would be the ones you guys might be interested in. Check them out if you get a chance!

So now, you tell me…who do you follow?


October 20, 2011. Uncategorized.

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