It’s Friday Y’all!

Hey guys! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. It’s just been one of those crazy-busy weeks, ya know? In fact, I did something that was really out of character for me this week, and I’m blaming it on a super busy schedule. A friend of mine just had her second baby (hi Brooke, if you are reading this!), and I wanted to take dinner to her and her husband because I know how hard it is with a newborn and another small child. So I called the restaurant on Tuesday to place the order and told them I’d pick it up around 4:00 the next day. Then I called Brooke to tell her I would head straight to her house to drop off the food after I picked it up. Well, Wednesday winded up being a super hectic day. I remembered that I was supposed to take them dinner that day – at 6:45 pm! So embarrassing. I never hardly ever do something that scatterbrained! Brooke and her husband were super understanding and super sweet about it, but boy did I feel like a boob. Geesh!

Ok, last night I had a 5:30 spin class to teach. I didn’t really have time to get anything ready to make for dinner when I got home, and there is a little Asian restaurant right next door to the spin studio, called Truly Asian. So when I got to the studio I ran next door to Truly Asian and told the guy what I wanted to order and that I would be back around 6:15 to pick it up. When I got back over there it was packed up and ready to go for me, and it smelled delicious in my car! Y’all, it was so phenomenal! I ordered the Singaporean Rice Stick Noodles with vegetables, the Sauteed Tofu with Scallions, and the Vegetables Delight. I am telling you, I will be ordering from here a LOT. Well, we don’t really eat out a lot, but when we do, it’s gonna be from here more! It’s kind of my new obsession. The noodles were kind of curry-like and the spices were perfect. The tofu was sweet-spicy and had broccoli and onions, and it all came together wonderfully. And y’all, it was pretty inexpensive. I mean compared to other places I’ve gotten take out from, I was actually shocked it didn’t cost more. So if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it. I promise you they aren’t paying me to say this, and I also promise you won’t be disappointed with their food!

And since I mentioned spin class, here is the playlist I told you guys I’d post! Enjoy!


Aaand, a good friend of mine and I went to Memphis today for a little shopping (not much honey! Swear I was good :). Guess where we went? Whole Foods! I’ll share with you guys everything I scored this time. You know I love sharing my scores!

Enjoy the weekend guys! A really cute cotton farmer I know told me the weather is going to be great!


October 7, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Hailey replied:

    Love your playlist! Sometimes one of our teachers has to mute parts of her song. Ha I noticed you had the clean versions!

    • Healthy Mommy Blogs replied:

      Thanks Hailey, I’m glad you liked it! I’ll post more of them. Every now and then there will be a naughty word in one of the songs I use, and I just try to talk over it, lol. So where do you take spin class in LR?

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