Whole Foods and Forks Over Knives

So for starters, where in the world did September go? Where has this YEAR gone? I’m in absolute shock that it’s October already. I mean, it’s time to Christmas shop! Actually, I’ve already bought a few gifts. Oh yes, I have. And I’ve got ideas in mind for more. That’s half the battle, right?

Whole Foods was great fun for me yesterday. Swear, I could spend hours in that store. Hours. But I didn’t because Brandon stayed in the car with the girls while I went in. Remember, we had been at the zoo all day. I won’t name names, but there might have been a couple of pretty cranky people in our car. And someone might have had such an awful tantrum/meltdown on the way out of the Memphis zoo that the tigers probably went back into their dens. But I won’t name names.

Here’s what I picked up at Whole Foods:


On the left are some So Delicious coconut milk yogurts. They are, well, so delicious. My husband loves them and takes one in his lunchbox everyday. They are more caloric than the Greek yogurt I used to buy, but I’ve really stopped buying dairy for the most part. We drink almond milk, and eat coconut milk yogurt and ice cream. The So Delicious coconut milk ice cream is amazing. Amazing! The Turtle Trails flavor is to die for, and the whole little tub can disappear completely if you’re not careful. Not that I’ve done that before or anything, ahem. Anywho, I can get all this stuff at my Kroger except for the yogurts, so I stock up on those when at Whole Foods.

Next is Reduced Fat Vegenaise, which I’ve really been wanting to try out of curiosity. I think I’ll be able to sneak it in without anyone at my house noticing. Then I got a couple of Whole Foods brand vegan salad dressings that I’ve never tried before. Since I’ve never tried them I should have only gotten one to start, but I couldn’t decide which flavor sounded better, so I got em both. The orange one is Carrot Ginger Dressing and the other is Tahini Dressing. I will let you know about these. I got the girls some Annie’s Fruity Bunnies cereal, then some Medjool dates. I’ve got some big plans for those little beauties (I’m VERY obsessed with dates!), so I’ll keep you posted on that as well. Then some raw cashews and pine nuts, and some raspberry pomegranate preserves (YUM!). Lastly, I stocked up on heirloom tomatoes, avocados, and a boatload few different kinds of dark chocolates. Hey, everyone has their vices right? And dark chocolate is good for you! In small quantities. Which is where I usually get in trouble.

When we got home last night, everyone got showers to wash off the zoo-iness, the girls went straight to bed (no naps yesterday), and Brandon and I got to watch a movie. I had read about this documentary I’ve been wanting to see, called Forks Over Knives. Anyone heard of it? Brandon and I are nerds like that and like to watch a good documentary from time to time. Or really anytime we have a chance and there is a good one we haven’t seen. Did you guys know Lisa Ling now does documentaries for National Geographic (or Nat Geo, if you’re really in the circle like we are, wink!)? I love her! Channel One news, anybody? I’m really showing my age here. But I digress… So Forks Over Knives isn’t narrated by my girl Lisa, but it’s still REALLY interesting. At least in my opinion. Basically the point is that our nation eats too much meat and too many animal products, and it is contributing to the skyrocketing obesity and diabetes and all the other health problems our country is so clearly suffering from, and it would benefit us to try to go towards a more plant based diet. Mind you I didn’t say a completely vegetarian diet, just more plant based. If you’re into stuff like that, it’s a great movie and pretty eye opening. It wasn’t too incredibly long either. And I’ll leave it at that.

Have any of you seen or read about Forks Over Knives? If so, what did you think about it? Or do you have any other good movie recommendations?


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  1. Catherine Adams replied:

    I have been trying to cut dairy lately…it’s so nice to be able to follow your tips. My family has tried soymilk and rice milk. I very much dislike rice milk so it was great to see your alternatives. I can’t wait to try the green smoothie too!!

    • Healthy Mommy Blogs replied:

      Hey Catherine! I’ve been buying the Almond Breeze vanilla unsweetened almond milk. I’m not really sure why it says vanilla, it’s not sweet at all. But it tastes great and has just a slight almond-y flavor. My kids love it! And if you’re really feeling indulgent, try the chocolate almond milk. Yummm! But it has more calories, so I just have it occasionally as a treat. And do try making green smoothies! The fruit is what you taste more than the veggies, I bet you’ll be surprised at how good it tastes 😉

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