Hello World!!!!

Welcome! Well, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. One that touched on healthy eating and healthy lifestyle in general, where I could also post amazing recipes that I just always seem to come across. I love to cook and bake for my family and we eat pretty healthy generally. And I swear I’m one of the craziest recipe hoarders you’ve ever met. It’s like recipes seek me out. From friends, different sites and blogs I follow, magazines… you name it and I’ve found a recipe there. I’ll pretty much try anything, and when I find one I like I want to share it with everyone! Oh, and I’m always reading a new book regarding diet, health, exercise, yoga, etc. So I’ll also be sharing little tidbits with you all about things I’ve read that I think you may enjoy. Sound good?

So I just finished off a delicious everything-but-the-kitchen-sink salad. Then I realized I didn’t take a pic. Oops. Blogger mistake #1, I guess. The lovely salad involved arugula (originally bought to use for my green smoothies, but I discovered that arugula is AWFUL in smoothies. To me anyways.) On top of that I piled on cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, sprouts, some leftover roasted squash, and some leftover quinoa salad. Then I topped it off with one of my new favorites, Annie’s Lite Gingerly dressing. Oh, and I had with it a piece of toasted millet bread. Phenomenal! I love when I have a bunch of random items or leftovers in my fridge that come together to make an interesting lunch salad! I suggest you try it sometime. It’s also a great way to utilize all your leftovers. We really don’t throw much food out at our house, it all seems to get eaten by either my husband, who loves to take leftovers for his lunch everyday, or me, who loves to throw anything and everything into a salad for lunch! It’s kind of like I’m in a salad building competition everyday to outdo myself from the day before’s salad. And from now on I promise I’ll take pictures!


September 29, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Mary replied:

    Mommies always have to eat the leftovers! Glad to know how to try them a new way;)

    • healthymommyblogs replied:

      Mary I actually prefer to eat leftovers for lunch instead of eating out! I know sometimes it’s easier to just go in and eat or pick something up, but with leftovers you eliminate the guesswork of “What’s REALLY in this French onion soup???” By the way, that’s what I had yesterday when I ate out for lunch. It’s best when you know what’s in your food! And if you made it, you know!

  2. Elizabeth replied:

    Love it!!!

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